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Welcome to my homepage!

At the moment I'm writing a new fantasy book. The world, races and other world elements are being written at the moment. The classical elves, dwarfs and other classical races are NOT included in this book.

There are definitetly too many "Tolkien wannabe" writers out there that has copied the classical races and tried to write new fantasy books, but the fantasy readers are since long tired of the dragons, fairies, elves, dwarfs etc. To be honest, I think that it's time for many fantasy writers to open up their eyes, mind, and imagination and start to work more on their background builds. Be creative, come up with new races and don't include all the classical ones. In fact, leave them out of the story completely. We all want new exciting worlds to explore.

I'm writing a completely new set of races with unique appearances, leaving the old classical ones out of the story completely. The only familiar one are the olan, which are what we would could human. The reason I've included a human like race is to make it easy for the readers to identify themselves with the characters.

There is a still lot to do! The world map is finished though. I also made a tutorial series on how you can draw your own world map for your book(s), using Paint Shop Pro 8.

Johan Forsblom, 2008.05.01